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Stroke Urban Art Fair 06 - Report

7 Mai 2012, 22:46pm

Publié par monsta

Round-trip to Germany for the Stroke Urban Art Fair 06 in Munich.

Really cool stay, good people and nice meeting !






Skount - Spainmonsta-stroke-munich-13.jpgmonsta-stroke-munich-03.jpg


Four Plus (Arsek and Erase) - Bulgariamonsta-stroke-munich-18monsta-stroke-munich-04


The Weird (Cone, Herr Von Bias, DXTR, Peach Beach, Nychos, Frau Isa, Rookie, Low Bro) - Germany, Austriamonsta-stroke-munich-05monsta-stroke-munich-06monsta-stroke-munich-07


KNZ Clan (Deep, Hide, Jaman, Ruas) - Italymonsta-stroke-munich-08monsta-stroke-munich-22


Blaqk (Greg Papagrigoriou, Simek) - Greecemonsta-stroke-munich-24


Monsta - France ^^'monsta-stroke-munich-11monsta-stroke-munich-19monsta-stroke-munich-21monsta-stroke-munich-09monsta-stroke-munich-10


Arsek, Erase / Robert Prochmonsta-stroke-munich-20





To much things to see, can't show everything...

Thanks a lot to Anna, Marco, Phillip and all the Stroke team !

(and Mlle Terite for the help and pictures :)





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